CGI 站内搜索

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# ___________

= '/home/httpd/elvis/public_html/';
# The directory location of all your files. Remember the trailing
# slash.

# The URL corresponding to the base directory.

@files = ('*.htm','*.html','forum/*.htm','mylinks/*.html','wwwboard/*.htm',
# These are all the files that will be listed. The asterisk is a
# wildcard - it will list all files and directories.

= '/home/httpd/elvis/public_html/search/summaries.htm';
# Make this writable (chmod 777 summaries.htm) and hide it well!
# It holds the results of everybody's searches so you'll know what
# people are really looking for when they come to your site. We
# have placed our summary file in a non-web directory so others
# can't see it - you could put it in a hidden or secure directory.


= '回到首页';
# Enter the URL and title of your main web page.

= 'on';
# If your visitors can't handle Java, better set this to 'off'.

# The URL of the E3 picture.

# Change this to the full URL only if your rename this script.

# This array holds info on all the directories and filetypes you'd like
# your visitors to search. Visit the readme file for more customizing
# information.

# Options for Weighted Search:
# All occurrences of a search term count as one point. The occurrence
# of a term in the filename, title, META keywords, or META description
# can have added weight (equivalent to a multiplier per hit). Enter
# the multipliers in the array below - the defaults are (2,2,4,2). If
# this makes no sense to you, just ignore it and leave the defaults as
# they are - they work pretty well. Note that this will give extra
# weight to those pages that have a properly formatted title and META
# tags, even if they contain the same basic information.

(, , , ) = (2,2,4,2);
# No further editing is necessary, but feel free to play around...
# Note that much of the code below is straight HTML, and very easy to
# modify if you know a little about HTML programming.
# __________________________________________________________________

@pairs = split(/&/,);
foreach (@pairs)
(,) = split(/=/,);
=~ tr/ / /;
=~ s/%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])/pack("C", hex($1))/eg;
{ } = ;

if ({ 'terms' })

sub prompt
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print <

Oh Yeah Net 全文搜索

BORDER=1 ALT="Picture of Search Aircraft (trying to build a theme)">


if ( eq 'on')
print "